SAO, Check. CSF? No problem >:]

I feel like I’ve been hit by a train, but as scary as it was, it went really well! It really pays to be prepared. Basically, we talked over the constitution and the realities of the club, discussed issues that might come up and issues that should, and then I got a ton of information about next steps. What a whirlwind! Bottom line, though… WE’RE prettymuchalmost AN OFFICIAL ORGANIZATION!!! YAY!!!

So. I know this is short notice, but we need to present at the Club Sports Federation meeting on November 1st. This is the best way to ensure that we get funding next year (when we’ll need it the most for IQA competitions). I’m currently working on the checklist Colleen gave me to complete to officialize our team through SAO, but if we want to compete in IQA as the “Indiana Univeristy Quidditch” team, we have to be registered through CSF. This does require slightly stricter rules, but I think the payoff is worth it.

Then we can go enjoy the World Cup and network the heck outta those IQA peeps! When we get home, we’ll worry about actually getting a team together.

(But again, YAY! We’re prettymuchalmost SAO official!!!)


Keep those Fingers & Toes Crossed

The Good News: Professor Lesourd has agreed to be our faculty advisor!!! YAY!!!


The Scary News: If we can’t make it in the Inquisition on Thursday, I’m going to hold off registration with IU. We could shoot for Club Sport, but according to my TA in P385, unless we present (and I mean a legit presentation) at their meeting on November 1, we won’t get all of our required time in for the year (yeah… this part got confusing…) to be a Class C sport. Anyways, it won’t keep us from practicing and recruiting this year, but it will keep us from being a collegiate team until next year when we compete (and so long as no one else starts a quidditch team before us at IU). SEE WHY I’M SO SCARED?! I’m going to go rewrite our constituition now to reflect the risk statements I think the committee will want to see. And then make a flyer for the call out meeting to keep my hopes up…



RISK: noun; exposure to the chance of injury or loss

Good morning my dear Snipes!

I got an email in my inbox late last night from Colleen Rose, the Assistant Director of Student Life and Learning. She said that due to the “inherent risk involved in [the] organization’s activities,” I need to meet with the Student Organization Registration Committee on Thursday the 20th. She also sent me a super scary link to a section of the handbook on how to prepare for such inquisitions meetings. I’m frightened, folks, but I’m not giving up! I’m hoping this is as simple as we need a stable faculty advisor and that everyone just has to sign a waiver forgiving the University of any fault in their sports-and-travel-and-emotionally-related injuries.

I’m in the process of contacting a few would-be faculty advisors and memorizing the super-scary section of the handbook. Cross your fingers and toes that we are approved!