Keep those Fingers & Toes Crossed

The Good News: Professor Lesourd has agreed to be our faculty advisor!!! YAY!!!


The Scary News: If we can’t make it in the Inquisition on Thursday, I’m going to hold off registration with IU. We could shoot for Club Sport, but according to my TA in P385, unless we present (and I mean a legit presentation) at their meeting on November 1, we won’t get all of our required time in for the year (yeah… this part got confusing…) to be a Class C sport. Anyways, it won’t keep us from practicing and recruiting this year, but it will keep us from being a collegiate team until next year when we compete (and so long as no one else starts a quidditch team before us at IU). SEE WHY I’M SO SCARED?! I’m going to go rewrite our constituition now to reflect the risk statements I think the committee will want to see. And then make a flyer for the call out meeting to keep my hopes up…




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