CSF, QWC, and AAGT (AKA: “More Acronyms! Yay!”)

Snipes, stick with me, I’ve got a loooong post for you about our past few weeks. (It has an awesome ending, though… so keep reading!)

On October 27th I met with the assistant director of Club Sports. For various reasons we were not allowed to present at the November 1st meeting, which means we will not be eligible for funding until the 2013/2014 year if we apply anytime between the December meeting and next November. The other issue we face is that we are considered a “fantasy” sport in their eyes, which will make this battle a hard one to fight. Loren assured me that CSF is looking forward to our presentation, but Autumn seemed much more apprehensive about our success. We have to find the fine line between being too risky and being a “fantasy” sport (code word for “not a”). The Vice Presidents and I discussed this issue and have come up with a few options. The first is that since we’ve already fought to become a Student Organization, we take a break and actually focus on the team itself. The problem with this is that although we wouldn’t be eligible for funding, CSF offers benefits in the form of a weekly practice area, especially if we’re interested in the Woodlawn soccer fields next to Collins. With that in mind, we discussed applying for CSF at the start of next semester. This would mean a lot of preparation and hard work, which would postpone the official start of our spring semester House Championships. If we are approved, this also means a lot more work for the administrators of the team, as much stricter requirements must be met, including attendance at a monthly CSF meeting. The benefit of a weekly practice area is also in question, as if we seem like a threat to the current sports in the CSF, we will not get the 2/3rds vote of approval that we need. They mentioned that if we didn’t vie for space, we’d be more successful. So. Our current final decision on this issue is that we will not be applying for CSF standing this academic year. We will focus on creating a successful team, even if we have no funding and must practice in Bryan Park, because we feel that building a strong team is much more important than their name.

The day before my CSF meeting with Autumn, I found an exciting announcement from the IQA. All About Group Travel is the official travel agency for this year’s Cup, and they were holding a contest to give away hotel stay, coach transportation, and a weekend pass to one person attending the World Cup. Naturally, we entered! I pressured Angela and Martha into entering as well so we’d stand more of a chance. It was merit based, and they said getting comments and likes wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Our entries are here for any cavemen on the team without Facebooks:

They announced the winner, Brittany Hazelton, on Tuesday November 1, so we began making plans to get there on our own – we weren’t about to miss out on this amazing opportunity for the team!

Then on Friday, as I was scanning through my Facebook news feed, I saw that I’d been picked as a second place winner!!! At first, I was going to decline the contest package. As fantastic as it was, the winnings would only go to me. If the whole group was still to go, we’d spend the same amount of money and I’d be rooming across town with a complete stranger. It seemed like it would benefit someone else much more than us.

I began correspondence with Sadhbh Corkery, the other second place winner, and discovered she was a 17 year old girl living in Ireland, and that it was difficult for her to convince her parents that she should go, as she entered as a joke anyway. We continued talking over the course of the weekend, deciding that I would keep the contest package; if she came alone, I’d room with her, and otherwise she could have the whole room to herself and the extra weekend and coach passes. It turns out that the people at All About Group Travel have huge hearts, because in their generosity they offered Sadhbh and her father a room to themselves, and gave me the entire first room for our Midnight Snipes party.

So we’re on! This coming weekend is the Cup, so we’ve been scrambling to finalize plans and are ridiculously excited about getting a free room, breakfast, and reduced transportation fees thanks to AAGT’s coach. We look forward to meeting IQA officials and learning helpful hints that are going to make starting the team soooo much easier. And we’re really excited about being in New York City for the first time!!! This weekend will be a busy, expensive, amazing opportunity – stay tuned for pictures.

♥ Emily



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