Our First Ever Call-Out Meeting

After only advertising twice, having our chalking rained out, and getting a surprise snowstorm the night of the event, we never guessed that we would get 17 people at our first Call-Out Meeting. Our hopes are even higher for the second, the Bigger, Better Call-Out, to be held Sunday, January 15 at 2:30pm in Ballantine 310. Invite everyone you know and take advantage of how easy it is to spread information on Facebook! Make sure people who are interested but unable to make it to the event email MidnightSnipes@gmail.com to join the membership list and/or visit our Facebook page and “Like” it to stay current.


The first Call-Out Meeting was very simple. We opened with a video of the snitches from World Cup IV. People filed in rather early, signing up on our membership list and taking information cards. We began at 6:30 with a short introduction to how the game is played, after which we shared pictures from our trip to World Cup V and then opened the floor for questions. The questions lasted for quite a while and covered just about every facet possible. Following the question and answer session, all but two stayed to view the World Cup IV Documentary.


I originally intended to share every detail that we discussed during the meeting, but soon realized that a post of that size is long, tedious, and easily replaced by a second Call-Out Meeting. This second meeting will be even bigger and better than the first! Even if you came to the first meeting, feel welcome to come back for the second. I scheduled this meeting to be during the time that we will normally have practice in hopes of fewer schedule conflicts with our weekly routines. I also hope that more people who are on the fence will be drawn to this Call-Out, as it is located more centrally on campus.


I know it comes as a disappointment to many of you that we will not be meeting again officially for quidditch before winter break. I’ve thought over the issue and feel that it is better that everyone focus on finals, and we will reconvene as soon as we get back to campus Spring Semester. That said, you’re welcome to visit our friends at the Harry Potter Society this Sunday and next for their weekly meeting at 5:30 in Woodburn Hall 003.


If you’re still feeling restless, feel free to spread the word for our Bigger, Better Call-Out Meeting via Facebook and word of mouth. Tell everyone you know. EVERYONE.