Baked! Sale Recap

The Baked! Sale exceeded our expectations – in just a week, we raised over $200 for the team’s equipment. A HUGE thanks to Griffin, Maddie, Jes, Steven, Max, Figgins, Onyx, Jeneva, Martha, Arturo, Will, Emily, Sarah, Tisha, Nathan, Kelsey and Phil for working hard to raise money for the team. An even BIGGER thanks to our friends at Baked! of Bloomington for supplying us with the opportunity of a lifetime.


Pictures from the Sale:











We handed out coupons for 10% off a Baked! order with every cookie purchase made during the bake sale:

Our best seller was the “Dirty Snitch” – the team favorite cookie. It’s a hidden oreo wrapped in oatmeal dough with M&Ms and a marshmallow on top. Mmmm…


Saying Thanks:

After practice this week, we decided to make a huge thank-you card and take it to Baked!


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