Planning Committee Minutes: February 25, 2012

Italics were proposed ideas, underlines are general consensus




– Core members vs. Periphery members

– Players vs. Backers vs. Planning Committee?

– Who’s on the team?

 – “Equal opportunity” between all members

 – Tournament players “elected” by planning committee

Due-paying member roster w/ prospective list


 – Budget written up by planning committee

 – Budget divided by 21?

 – Budget divided by # of members?

Calculate budget w/o travel funds at beginning of year, calculate tournament budget a month before tournament, divide that by 21

Safety Training

 – 2 safety officers on-site



 – Buying 4 dodgeballs 2/25/12

 – Buying snitch belt 2/25/12



– Eventually getting captains/trainers who plan practices


Steven Whyte, Planning Committee Secretary


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