Practice: March 4, 2012

Today we got a late start and had to finagle sharing the field with a softball team and some kids playing soccer. The Pitch Crew set up the cones and rope, finishing their easy-to-pitch pitch design, while the rest of the team played dodgeball. We began with a scrimmage match, but the absence of hoops for goals made it impossible for the teams to play evenly. After Blue Team scored five points to nothing, we decided to have stations instead. One group practiced scoring using a duct-taped circle on a tree while the other group practiced quickly running and grabbing balls from the ground (later the groups switched). Figgins made a surprise appearance just in time for our concluding meeting. Since the Planning Committee was cancelled this week, the new membership proposal from the IQA was discussed after practice, along with ideas for a Facebook group for pick-up games and exercises, and an event page to post ideas for jersey designs.


In attendance today were Connor, Griffin, Steven, their friend Christian, Maddie, Kelly, their friend Caroline, Kelsey, Max, Jessica, Tisha, and Emily.


This week Kelly brought her camera so we have a ton more photos!