Planning Committee: August 25, 2012

1. Funds

– $440 currently
– Need $500 for membership
– But also need to keep building money for misc.
– DUES: $25 or $30; $25 preferable; one-time payment
– Tournament fees are separate.
– Dues due October 1st.
– We will pay for the membership as soon as we have $500.
– Or…maybe it’s 350? Alex Benepe is bipolar, apparently.
– $350 confirmed. So nevermind. We will pay it now.

2. T-shirts

– Griffin was a busy little bee this summer.
– We have the design—posted on FB.
– We have 22 people who want them for sure.
– Numbers + names, $230 total.
– Griffin will check up on cheaper options — (Underground Printing)
– Buy extra T-shirts and sell them. (Possibly the “Team Field” design)

3. Call-Out Meeting

– When?
– Maybe two – One on a weekend, one in the middle of the week?
– Have it at same time we would be practicing during the week.
– Definitely have a call-out the weekend of the 9th.
– Saturday, September 8 in the afternoon.
– Thursday, August 30 in the evening.
– Texting service, set up at Student Involvement Fair. So that people won’t forget.
– Names, email, texting service.

4. Posters/Chalking/Class Announcements

– Flyers and stuff. In Ballantine, Collins, Kelly, etc.
– We need people to do that this week.
– Business cards: Midnight Snipes, website, code scanny thingy.
– Kelly surfs Pinterest.

5. SIF presentation and booth

– Student Involvement Fair Wednesday. Setup at 9:30.
– Say Quidditch a lot during our presentation.

5 1/2. Brooms

– Good God we talk about this every meeting.
– Tournament/World Cup brooms may or may not be provided.
– But we still want to train with nice brooms.
– Let’s save the money for now.

6. Officers/Duties

– We need a Social Media chair; Griffin volunteers as tribute. He will keep the FB/Twitter updated and interesting, as well as make event pages and reminders.
– Kelly will forward pictures/video to Griffin, as well as take over email. Kelly will be our Post Owl.
– Figgins will come up with drills. Caroline volunteers to help. Anyone can suggest a drill and work with Figgins on this.
– Caroline will be Group Workout Coordinator.
– Dan will keep up on IQA news and coordinate with Griffin.
– Team/Position Captains?
– Safety Officers: Random girl in the woods, and Kelly.

7. Tournaments

– We have no updates. IQA is a derp.

8. Group Page/Facebook Page/Website

– No more extraneous fandom on the fan/group page. Sad pony.

9. This year’s schedule

– Change time for Quidditch practices? The doodle poll will tell us.

9 3/4. Practice Organization.

– Lots of Coordination.
– Make schedule of each practice beforehand, post it online.
– Keep on track.
– Talk about the previous day’s planning meeting at the beginning of practice.

10. Protection: safety, equipment, requirements, waiver

– Delegate storage of equipment to members; organize list of who has what.
– Work on developing quiz over rules, requirement for tournament players.
– Must sign a waiver before playing.
– We need to teach new members to tackle safely before contact play.

11. Goals!

-Be awesome at Tournaments. We don’t have to win, just show our potential.
– IU Quidditch Pitch, 1419 East 7th Street, Bloomington, IN 47406