Planning Committee: August 25, 2012

1. Funds

– $440 currently
– Need $500 for membership
– But also need to keep building money for misc.
– DUES: $25 or $30; $25 preferable; one-time payment
– Tournament fees are separate.
– Dues due October 1st.
– We will pay for the membership as soon as we have $500.
– Or…maybe it’s 350? Alex Benepe is bipolar, apparently.
– $350 confirmed. So nevermind. We will pay it now.

2. T-shirts

– Griffin was a busy little bee this summer.
– We have the design—posted on FB.
– We have 22 people who want them for sure.
– Numbers + names, $230 total.
– Griffin will check up on cheaper options — (Underground Printing)
– Buy extra T-shirts and sell them. (Possibly the “Team Field” design)

3. Call-Out Meeting

– When?
– Maybe two – One on a weekend, one in the middle of the week?
– Have it at same time we would be practicing during the week.
– Definitely have a call-out the weekend of the 9th.
– Saturday, September 8 in the afternoon.
– Thursday, August 30 in the evening.
– Texting service, set up at Student Involvement Fair. So that people won’t forget.
– Names, email, texting service.

4. Posters/Chalking/Class Announcements

– Flyers and stuff. In Ballantine, Collins, Kelly, etc.
– We need people to do that this week.
– Business cards: Midnight Snipes, website, code scanny thingy.
– Kelly surfs Pinterest.

5. SIF presentation and booth

– Student Involvement Fair Wednesday. Setup at 9:30.
– Say Quidditch a lot during our presentation.

5 1/2. Brooms

– Good God we talk about this every meeting.
– Tournament/World Cup brooms may or may not be provided.
– But we still want to train with nice brooms.
– Let’s save the money for now.

6. Officers/Duties

– We need a Social Media chair; Griffin volunteers as tribute. He will keep the FB/Twitter updated and interesting, as well as make event pages and reminders.
– Kelly will forward pictures/video to Griffin, as well as take over email. Kelly will be our Post Owl.
– Figgins will come up with drills. Caroline volunteers to help. Anyone can suggest a drill and work with Figgins on this.
– Caroline will be Group Workout Coordinator.
– Dan will keep up on IQA news and coordinate with Griffin.
– Team/Position Captains?
– Safety Officers: Random girl in the woods, and Kelly.

7. Tournaments

– We have no updates. IQA is a derp.

8. Group Page/Facebook Page/Website

– No more extraneous fandom on the fan/group page. Sad pony.

9. This year’s schedule

– Change time for Quidditch practices? The doodle poll will tell us.

9 3/4. Practice Organization.

– Lots of Coordination.
– Make schedule of each practice beforehand, post it online.
– Keep on track.
– Talk about the previous day’s planning meeting at the beginning of practice.

10. Protection: safety, equipment, requirements, waiver

– Delegate storage of equipment to members; organize list of who has what.
– Work on developing quiz over rules, requirement for tournament players.
– Must sign a waiver before playing.
– We need to teach new members to tackle safely before contact play.

11. Goals!

-Be awesome at Tournaments. We don’t have to win, just show our potential.
– IU Quidditch Pitch, 1419 East 7th Street, Bloomington, IN 47406


Practice: March 4, 2012

Today we got a late start and had to finagle sharing the field with a softball team and some kids playing soccer. The Pitch Crew set up the cones and rope, finishing their easy-to-pitch pitch design, while the rest of the team played dodgeball. We began with a scrimmage match, but the absence of hoops for goals made it impossible for the teams to play evenly. After Blue Team scored five points to nothing, we decided to have stations instead. One group practiced scoring using a duct-taped circle on a tree while the other group practiced quickly running and grabbing balls from the ground (later the groups switched). Figgins made a surprise appearance just in time for our concluding meeting. Since the Planning Committee was cancelled this week, the new membership proposal from the IQA was discussed after practice, along with ideas for a Facebook group for pick-up games and exercises, and an event page to post ideas for jersey designs.


In attendance today were Connor, Griffin, Steven, their friend Christian, Maddie, Kelly, their friend Caroline, Kelsey, Max, Jessica, Tisha, and Emily.


This week Kelly brought her camera so we have a ton more photos!


Practice: February 26, 2012

Today we attempted to create an easy-to-set-up pitch, but were short on supplies. We ended up with a basic pitch outline, though, so were able to run through a few scrimmage matches with small teams. We’re still lacking brooms, so lots of people just held a hand behind their backs.

In attendance today were Maddie, Kelly, Jessica, Steven, Connor, Griffin, Max, Zachary, Tisha, Onyx, Sarah, Emily, and a newcomer, Connor’s friend Kate, who was our snitch.






























Planning Committee Minutes: February 25, 2012

Italics were proposed ideas, underlines are general consensus




– Core members vs. Periphery members

– Players vs. Backers vs. Planning Committee?

– Who’s on the team?

 – “Equal opportunity” between all members

 – Tournament players “elected” by planning committee

Due-paying member roster w/ prospective list


 – Budget written up by planning committee

 – Budget divided by 21?

 – Budget divided by # of members?

Calculate budget w/o travel funds at beginning of year, calculate tournament budget a month before tournament, divide that by 21

Safety Training

 – 2 safety officers on-site



 – Buying 4 dodgeballs 2/25/12

 – Buying snitch belt 2/25/12



– Eventually getting captains/trainers who plan practices


Steven Whyte, Planning Committee Secretary

Practice: February 19, 2012

Today we played a bit of quodpod, messed around with bludgers, and then had our first scrimmage. We used small teams, a non-denominational beater, and left out the seekers and snitch.

In attendance today were Maddie, Kelly, Figgins, Steven, Jessica, Onyx, Zachary, Stephanie, Connor, Tisha, Martha and Emily.





























Baked! Sale Recap

The Baked! Sale exceeded our expectations – in just a week, we raised over $200 for the team’s equipment. A HUGE thanks to Griffin, Maddie, Jes, Steven, Max, Figgins, Onyx, Jeneva, Martha, Arturo, Will, Emily, Sarah, Tisha, Nathan, Kelsey and Phil for working hard to raise money for the team. An even BIGGER thanks to our friends at Baked! of Bloomington for supplying us with the opportunity of a lifetime.


Pictures from the Sale:











We handed out coupons for 10% off a Baked! order with every cookie purchase made during the bake sale:

Our best seller was the “Dirty Snitch” – the team favorite cookie. It’s a hidden oreo wrapped in oatmeal dough with M&Ms and a marshmallow on top. Mmmm…


Saying Thanks:

After practice this week, we decided to make a huge thank-you card and take it to Baked!

Baked! Sale: February 13-17, 2012

Presented by Stitched Together and sponsored by Baked! of Bloomington, our bake sale will take place daily from Monday, February 13 to Friday, February 17 between 11:00am and 1:30pm. The bake sale will be at the literature desk in the IMU (underneath Starbucks) all week, and in the ground floor lobby of Ballantine (by the elevators) on Wednesday, February 15th. We’ll have delicious Baked! cookies for just 75 cents each!!! All profits will go towards the purchase of hoops, balls, and brooms for the newly founded quidditch team at IU.

Find the Facebook Event Page here!