The Midnight Snipes are competitors in the USQ as the official quidditch team of Indiana University.

Yes, Indiana University has a quidditch team! Recently accepted into the Club Sports Federation of IU, we introduce you to the Midnight Snipes, a team as nimble, elusive, and swift-footed as their namesake.


Whether you obsessively love love love Harry Potter, are interested in a non-traditional bad-arsed sport, or just desperately want to watch people run around on broomsticks, this club is for you. Positions are available on and off the team, from executive officers to team supporters. Come check us out!

Practices take place every Sunday at 1:30 pm. We play on the IU Quidditch Pitch, the expanse of green space between Read and Wright residence halls (1419 East 7th Street, Bloomington, Indiana 47406). Bring a broom (or broom-like item) and water. Dress in athletic wear and prepare for the weather – we’ll play unless death is imminent.

– 2 additional practices take place on Wednesday and Thurday nights at 9:30 on the Woodlawn recreational sports fields.

The Planning Committee meets every Saturday at 2:00pm in the living room of Baked! of Bloomington, a local cookie bakery. The committee works on all of the behind-the-scenes duties in order to ensure the success and longevity of the team. It’s open to everyone.


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